Exploring & Respecting Differences

Grades 9 - 12
EX10 - ½ Elective Credit - ½ Year

This is a one-semester course that provides an in-depth look at differences in society and how they develop. What are stereotypes and how are we driven by them? What makes hate groups do what they do and what fuels the formation of cults and extremists? What are your morals, values and ethics? Learn the tools of how we can effectively mediate conflicts in our own lives and in our society. The course targets these topics, gender issues, sexuality and gender spectrum, and current events driven by student interest. This is a discussion and project-based class.


Grades 9 - 12 
EX20 - ½ Elective Credit - ½ Year

This course is built on the exploration of civil rights groups, humanitarian organizations, NGOs, and global activism movements and their impact on the world. This course looks at what YOU can do to become more active in your local, regional community. The class is based on current events, documentary film and guest speakers. An interactive media project will be counted as the final grade, along with in-depth discussion.

Grades 10 – 12
EX11- ½ Elective Credit - ½ Year
Prerequisite: E.A.R.D. I or E.A.R.D. II

In this class we learn how to become an activist and mobilize for change.  Small groups, and indeed, even just one person can help to change the world.  In this course you will learn how to organize, fund, and implement the changes you want.  We will start school-wide and branch out into the community with an outreach philosophy, understanding that through education, dedication, and living by example, we can make great things happen.  Mass movements start when enough consciousness is raised to change the actual paradigm of how we live, and in what context.
The honors designation for this course constitutes your active engagement and implementation in projects in our school and community. This is a half-year course and may be repeated.


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